KYHI #2431

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Whether you are selling to make a profit, relocating for pleasure or out of necessity, time is always critical. Opting for a pre-listing inspection prior to placing the property on the market can greatly reduce timely negotiations and help reduce potential delays at closing. Having the knowledge of what issues exist with the property allows sellers the ability to correct issues on their terms without  the time crunch.

  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

The buyer should require a home inspection at the time of the formal offer and make sure that the contract has an inspection contingency clause. The knowledge gained by having a pre-purchase home inspection will allow for a better understanding of issues that are present with the home.  

Pre-Purchase inspections will allow the buyer time to learn the ins and outs of the home while gaining valuable knowledge about their future property. 

  • Radon Testing

​​​​Testing is the only way to know if radon exists in a home. Short term testing is available and can be performed with or without a home inspection. Testing generally last 48 hours. If radon levels in the home are elevated do not worry, mitigation can be performed and reduce levels to be the EPA's recommended actions level. 

  • New Construction Inspections

Building a new home is a whirlwind experience and with an already full schedule many do not have the time to watch over the construction of their new home. With the builder knowing that your home will be inspected by a licensed home inspector, with an extensive background in the building industry, most will be reluctant to take chances cutting corners. Salsman Inspection Services, LLC will provide all information to our clients so that the necessary corrections can be made. 

  • Consulting

Not looking for a full home or property inspection but rather an evaluation of a particular section of the home? Wanting to know a little more about your current property or have an individual or several items you only wish to have inspected? Contact Salsman Inspection Services, LLC about consulting options.

  • Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging technology allows for the distinct advantage of being able to see what the naked eye cannot. Many systems will give warning signs as to potential failure. Systems may seem to be working properly but hazards are unable to be seen without the use of the thermal camera. By viewing these systems with the thermal camera disaster can be avoided. For example, past and current water leaks many times do not have noticeable staining so the condition goes unidentified until a major problem occurs. There are homes that have systems that do function properly but unless using a thermal imaging camera proper operation cannot be verified. Ceiling cable heat and floor heat are two examples of heating systems that others can only speculate as to how well the system is operating, Salsman Inspection Services, LLC will provide answers - not speculation.